Matchstick Merryweather    

She heats up the stage wherever she goes

Following a fiery magician's assistant mishap, Matchstick Merryweather found herself a young abandon sideshow child aside a lonely highway. She was picked up by a group of drifter burley dancers and the rest is history. Her tragic beginning helps her see the best in all circumstances, but not without developing a healthy love for fire...and gin.

Adora Braul 

She's back for season 2!!!
The product of a one-night stand between a snack cake mogul and an Amazonian woman, Adora Braul spent her youth on a secret island inhabited solely by warrior women. She was raised to live virtues of love, equality, femininity and ass kicking with the whip as her weapon of choice. Adora began to long for a life off the island to dance and meet the mysterious creature known as man. She found her biological father, who was understandably confused, but welcomed her and provided her with funds and an unlimited supply of sugary treats. Fueled by sprinkles and creme filling, Adora danced and whipped her way around the country until she began to miss the female bonds she once knew and so she joined the tribe of Lock and Key Burlesque.

With a whipcrack and a frosted snack, Adora Braul brings the heat and the sweet.

Edie LeCont 

Say "Ahoy there!" to this special lovely!

Edie LeCont has stumbled her way onto the stage for her theatrical debut after a long, carefree period of gypsy-like wandering as she hopped from luxurious ocean liners to more humble tramp steamers and barges, hobnobbing with social elites and vagrants alike. Relying solely on maps printed no later than the 1940s, she arrived here in Peoria quite by accident. But wherever she rests her trunks is home! Edie enjoys a lean but subsantial diet of cured meats, aged cheeses and French wine. Her performances are inspired by the tragedy and romance of vaudville, caberet, and camp humour of yesteryear

Salvador Burton

Roxy Rhythm 

She's baaaaaaack!

Roxy Rhythm, born in Memphis Tennessee, has been a dancer all her life. Pole dance and hip hop are genres of dance that she both practices and teaches. She has done talent shows and been a part of several hip hop dance groups. She also teaches choreography. Roxy is a bundle of joy and full of personality. She is all for women’s empowerment and self confidence. She can brighten your days with just a shimmy and a smile. Roxy loves to perform and put on a show. She first started Burlesque dancing in 2015, the same year she joined her first Burlesque troupe, Lock and Key. Burlesque for Roxy is something that she’s always wanted to do. The glamour, heels and glitter is just the icing on the cake. Roxy is living out her dreams on her journey as a showgirl.


Boudica Snow 

Don't freeze out this goddess

Boudica Snow was discovered wandering the wilderness by a caravan of vagabonds with nothing more than 3 hula hoops, a six gallon tub of peanut butter and 30 G.I. Joe's. Adopting the drifter way she toured town after town in search of something bigger. Armed with her hula hoops, her charm and a little bit of sass she was discovered by The Classy Miss Kitty Cat scratch at a local pub. Boudica was taken under her sequined wing and shown the magical, tantalizing ways of burlesque. And the rest is history...

Alaya Unicorn 

Please meet our favorite ball of Glitter!

Twas the night before Friday, a Thursday I believe,
when chaos and a sea nymph did somehow conceive,
a dancing unicorn would be achieved.
Moonlite magic from a broken mirror,
shined directly upon a mermaid tear, 
with that she conquored all her fear.
Like a phenoix rising from glitter,
normal life just never fit her,
stardom awaits, she's not a quitter.
With a mixture of six shots espresso
A dozen authentic tacos
And a dash, wait no! 
The whole fucking rainbow
She is shining through the storm,
light so bright with the desire to perform,
the art of burlesque, Alaya Unicorn was born.

Miss Kitty Catscratch




He'll make you say "SHAAAAAAZAAAAAAAAAM"!

Classically trained in the art of Prestidigitation. Gambit travels around the world playing with his wand, and making things disappear. in the late harvest moon of 2006, Gambit sold his soul to the devil to perform card tricks. In 2014 Gambit was awarded the Title of one of the top Magicians in the Midwest. He believes selling his soul for Magical hands, is the best decision he's ever made.

Elena Salvatore

Half hippie, half ingenue, give this little filly a warm welcome

Born to a nature loving couple, Elena Salvatore spent her younger years growing up in the rolling plains and cornfields and wild countryside of Central Illinois. She had a way with wildlife, touching the souls of the animals with her fiercely dominant, yet loving aura. However, the constant changing of her hair color made it clear she was craving something more on the wild, sexy side of life. It was then, as if by fate, she came across Miss Kitty. Kitty saw the badass that Elena was, and with a gentle push led her into the fun and exciting life she'd been craving all along.